To set a new World Unlimited Electric Water Speed Record with an electric powerboat.


As team members of the Electric record team, having supplied motors for the record attempt, we set our sights even higher with a new purpose-built boat.

In 2005 our motors powered An Stradag, the 15ft electrically powered hydroplane driven by Helen Loney. The boat set the electRic water speed record on November 1st that year.

Two years later, we helped develop Firefly, another 15 ft hydroplane piloted by 26 year old Powerboat Racer, Helen Loney. The boat was specifically designed for straight-line record speed with a design capability of 130mph.


Firefly had its maiden test runs on Coniston Water in the Lake District, at Record’s Week in November 2007. These trials proved to be a great success and the team continue to work on further developments to set a new World Unlimited Electric Water Speed Record. The team’s success proved unequivocally that the UK is at the forefront of electric power technology.