To develop a revolutionary water pumping system with high efficiency, low maintenance and low cost.


Solar-powered water pumps are an effective alternative to conventional gas or electric pumps. Modern pumps are powered by solar energy effectively all over the world, particularly in developing countries, where they are often used for irrigation and drinking water.

Using our low-cost, high efficiency DC motor we developed a series of commercial water pumps which, via connection to a solar array, could work independently – without the need for outside fuel or complicated wiring for electricity.

Our tests proved that using our DC motors, the solar-powered pumps were much more efficient, with a high flow rate compared to the conventional pump system. Configured to work in poor light conditions without battery backup, our solution provides a cost-effective, long-term solution – all without the potential contamination caused by devices driven by fossil fuels.


We believe that solar energy is one of the best ways to power pump instruments all over the world. Simple installation, low maintenance and reducing pollution are just some of the many benefits.

Primary applications for these configurations are:

• Farming

• Raising water for construction

• Home appliances