Saietta Engineering is committed to improving the efficiency and performance of electric motor and drivetrain technology. Our track record of innovation is second to none – and we continue to break new ground.

Formed following the merger between Agility Global and Agni Motors in 2015, our motors have powered winning electric motorcycles, set electric powerboat world speed records and even powered the first manned electric helicopter.

Designed in the UK by our expert team and built at our dedicated production plant in India, our range of brushed and brushless DC motors achieve efficiencies of up to 93% and have clear leadership in sectors where high efficiency, compact size, light weight, high power-to-weight and affordability are critical.


We are passionate about developing truly sustainable energy sources that make a positive impact on global energy use and emissions.

Electric motors are already central to everyday consumer and industrial life, consuming nearly 50% of the world’s electricity production. However, many electric motors are old and operating at efficiencies of between 60-70%. That’s clearly far higher than internal combustion engines, which achieve on average 30-40%. But it’s not good enough.

At Saietta Engineering, we believe that by switching to highly efficient electric motors, energy consumption and air pollution can be significantly reduced. We have invested heavily in research and development, to develop a range of DC motors that already achieve up to 93% efficiency – and we’re working hard to improve further still.


Saietta Engineering is a division of Saietta Motorcycles, which was formed in 2015 following a merger between Agility Global and Agni Motors.

Agni Motors made its name as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high efficiency electric
drivetrains, with their motors powering 80% of winning electric race bikes globally, setting electric powerboat world records and even powering the world’s first manned electric helicopter.
Agility Global received widespread acclaim for its endeavours to transform the premium electric motorcycle sector, with prototype road bike Saietta R (0-60mph in under three seconds, 127Nm peak torque) proving that electric is anything but a compromise.

After working together on the highly innovative Saietta R project, the two companies merged with the shared goal of radically transforming transportation sectors with electric motors and drivetrains that ultimately surpass internal combustion engines in power, performance and design.


With a senior team including award-winning electric motor inventor Cedric Lynch, automotive engineer and IT expert Juergen Hedrich, and F1 design engineer Nigel Leaper, Saietta brings together deep expertise from a wide range of technology sectors in a team determined to break new ground.


Chief Scientist

Cedric invented the motor that changed the face of electric motor architecture in the 1980s and 1990s and continues to pervade today.

The son of a London code-breaker who worked alongside Alan Turning deciphering the messages encrypted by the German Enigma machine in WWII, Cedric’s interest in the electrical and the mechanical was apparent from a young age.

At 24, he entered a competition ran by the Institute of Mechanical Engineers and electrical firm Lucas to create a vehicle powered by two car batteries that could achieve the longest range. With a home-made motor built in his basement from flattened soup cans, Cedric’s vehicle came second out of 50 – much to the surprise of the 49 considerably better funded entrants from the worlds of academia and commerce.

Further competitions saw him refine and develop his motor concept into what would become the prototype Lynch Motor, which used a permanent magnet and revolutionary axial flux that would redefine electric motor architecture. The Lynch Motor went into small-scale production in 1988 with London Innovation and later LEMCO. A year later, four Lynch motors powered the boat An Stradag to an electric boat world speed record of over 80 km/h (50 mph).

Working with Agni Motors for the past 12 years, Cedric has racked up a host of prestigious awards including the Guinness World Record for the world’s first manned helicopter, the world speed record for the first e-powered aircraft, the Mansura Medal for outstanding contribution to hybrid development and the winning motorcycle at the UK’s inaugural e-motorcycle race TT Zero.

Committed to social responsibility and the democratisation of sustainable motor technologies, Cedric embodies the very heart and soul of Saietta.


Chief Production Officer

German-born Jürgen combines an exceptional background in engineering with proven expertise in international automotive management.

Graduating in production engineering, he went on to complete a PhD in engineering with deep IT, before climbing the ranks at BMW Group, where he spent much of his career.

Working on large-scale operations across Germany, South Africa and UK, his track record of taking prototype products to mass production is second to none. He became Managing Director of BMW MINI UK in 2009, responsible for engine, pressing and car plant operations while representing BMW as an ambassador at numerous high level boards.

With a reputation for transforming production operations and successfully delivering major product launches, Jürgen imbues Saietta with our hallmark ‘no-compromises’ approach to production.